Parenting 101

Parenting 101

 Some Great Baby Tips

Having a newborn in the house can prove an extremely stressful event – especially for first-time parents. this is especially true in the days of the COVID-19 restrictions on movement (although these are gradually lifting) when those parents might not have access to loved ones who might have experience in handling the stresses that are almost inevitable when that new bundle of joy arrives at home. However, in order to make this experience just that little easier here are some hints and tips and also quetschies that parents might find useful.


One of the biggest stresses for those new parents, especially in these belt-tightening times is handling the extra financial burden of that new arrival. For many parents, the largest expenses will be for diapers and baby food. Buy diapers in bulk from big box stores – you’ll be surprised how much you can save. Invest in a good quality blender. Even though you will be incurring an upfront cost pureeing your own baby food will save you money in the long run. You’ll also have far healthier options to explore and can prepare foods that your little one will love.

After a couple of months it is inevitable that you will be taking bay on a trip, whether it is to the local supermarket or (hopefully) to meet with friends and family). Keep a bag of small toys at hand. A fussy baby in the car can be a nightmare – but distracting them with those favorite toys can save your sanity. there are also a number of in-car mobiles that can make the trip that much more pleasant.

Another great hint. Don’t rely on Facebook for advice. It will simply result in confusion and stress. Everyone has their own opinions about how to bring up a baby. Rely on your own intuition – or consult a baby book that has been authored by a reputable expert.

With a bit of research – and some common sense, enjoying you baby will become easier and easier as the months go by.

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