Decorating Your Living Room

Decorating Your Living Room

Classic And Elegant

Decorating our homes is something we all love to do. Many details and aspects go into the décor, from the floors to the ceiling. This time we are going to try to create one living room style based on a type of flooring.

One of the most versatile designs is Classic Herringbone Style because you can easily combine any type of furniture with it. This combination will work whether you choose a light or dark version of it. We would suggest two different couches to create an eclectic vibe. One in beige, with wooden legs, and the other in olive green with more subtle thin legs. Decorate them with a combination of pillows in the same color. In between, you can place a glass coffee table with a wooden frame to complement the floors and the couch. This will tie the whole room together. Place some magazines and candles on top of it.

Classic Herringbone Style

Opt for white shelves, bookcases, or TV stands, whatever it is you need in your home. You can place some plants and flowers on it aside from books as well, and make everything homier. If you have a fireplace, redecorate it by painting it white as well, and you will have a beautiful modern room with wooden accents. As we mentioned, Classic Herringbone Style floors go great with this design whether in a lighter or darker color.

As you can see, you can easily create and decorate an entire room based on the flooring you choose. Make sure to include the color and material of it, and find complementary pieces of furniture to go with it. Add a few accent details and you have got yourself a beautiful living room.

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